BY: Jessica Kane  –  02/11/2016


Smaller companies and business are constantly looking for opportunities to save. One company may benefit substantially from lowering their merchant payment costs while another company can reduce overhead significantly by cutting printing and paper costs. All companies, regardless of their size or profile can benefit from adopting cost-cutting measures in a particular area. Here are five money saving tools for your business.


Intuit’s GoPayment

The first tool is Intuit’s GoPayment. Most businesses find it expensive to invest in expensive POS and payment processing solutions. GoPayment is cost-effective alternative to the more expensive payment processing solutions. The mobile payment solution is ideal for business owners who frequently conduct business on the road. Smaller businesses and companies just starting out are also a good fit for the GoPayment system. The payment tool keeps expenses low while meeting the need of fast, reliable payment processing. The tool makes available to all businesses a reliable payment process solution.



Zoho is a groupware solution that offers everything you could possibly want from an office suite and more. In addition to offering word processing, spreadsheet and presentation application alternatives, there are additional tools the resource offers. Marketing and CRM tools are also available with the solution. While many businesses shy away from the traditional major solutions due to costs and major expenses, Zoho offers a lot of tools to support productivity without breaking the bank.



Facetime is another powerful collaboration tool suited for small teams.. This powerful solution may seem a bit unconventional. Companies with small teams can communicate via Facetime. Solutions like these make it much easier for team members to communicate with eachother when video conferencing. Individuals who work from home or companies with team members that travel frequently will benefit by taking advantage of these solutions.


Cutting Paper Out

Companies can save money in using less paper. One of the biggest concerns for business owners is waste. Companies that use a lot of paper and rely heavily on paper files will see cost savings in going paperless. By choosing just one process to make paperless, a business can quickly save money. For example, a business can drop paper billing and invoice customers electronically or create auto payment options for their customers. Some companies even offer services at a lower late for those who opt in for an electronic payment option.


Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a powerful app that tracks how you spend your time throughout the day on various websites and apps. It sends you reports on your activity, illustrating how your time was invested and identifies ways for you to be more productivity. It can track activity online and offline as well. You have the option of blocking certain sites. The app is available for Mac and PC users as well as Android users.


Most companies can identify areas for potential savings in either printing or communication costs. Most of these tools are useful to business owners who want to cut or better manage operating costs. By adopting just one of these online solutions today, your business could be very well on their way to uncovering significant savings.


Jessica is a professional blogger who writes for Faxage, a leading company that provide email fax services for individuals and businesses.