By Steve Kenneth – 03/16/2015

Blog Creation – Blog Post – Comments – Categories

1. Login to your admin panel using your word press login and password.
2. Proceed to POST tab on left of your admin panel. Click This. This will now display new menu options – All Post, Add New, Categories, Tags.
3. In order to create, modify, or delete categories, click on categories. This is the place you choose your blog article to go into. Example – If you have two Categories called Cats – Dogs – You would add your dog article in the Dogs Category.
4. Hit POSTS – Or ALL POSTS – This will give you a list of all your articles starting with your latest ones.
5. If you want to edit a post, simple click on the name of the article. If you wish to create a new post, simple click on ADD NEW at the top of the Posts Page.
6. Inside the post, you have several fields you should fill in.

Enter Title Here – This is the title of your article.

The Huge white area at top is the place where you add your article content. here you can change the text size, fonts, embed a video, change the color of your font, and so on. This is the area where all your work will be put.

On the right side of this page, is the Categories. Please choose the category you want this article to appear in. Simply add a check mark to the category box.

Under the categories is the tags, you just add two or three keywords related to your post. Please separate them with a comma. These are used for the search engines. This is not a must, but you should add at least two.

Under Tags, look for featured image. This is the image that will show up on your blog page and be the first image of your article. Simply click this and add an image from your computer.

After you are done with all the above, click the PUBLISH button on the top right to add your blog article.

Here is an image of what we talked about above.


Dealing With Comments

Comments should be set up to manually approve and normally Canada Web Design Services does this for you when we build your website. When someone post a comment on your article, you should receive an email and must login to your admin panel and manually approve. To do this, login and go to COMMENTS on left side of admin panel. Then go to the comments and either approve or delete the comment.

Even though it is good to get comments for your articles, you will find that you will also get lots of spam. Sometimes its best to just turn off comments. You can do this by going to Setting, Discussion, and un-clicking everything.