By Steve Kenneth – 03/16/2015

This is a simple easy to use step by step of instructions for adding your woocommerce products to your woocommerce store.

In order to use this tutorial, you will need the following installed and ready to go.

1. Word Press installed on your server ( Hosting )

2. A Theme that is compatible with Woocommerce ( Check Out Here )

3. Installation of Woocommerce plugin.


Click Products > Add New  to create your store’s first product: I have created this first product and called it My Product Title.




There are several steps to this page. Here are the steps needed when creating a SIMPLE product.

1. Add your product title. This is what the product is called. Example.. Cooking With Steve. This would be the title of my eBook I added which has cooking recipes by me.

2. The next step would be to fully describe your product in the HUGE White space under the title section. If I added my eBook, I would add the description of my recipes. maybe let people know what recipes I have in my eBook. 

3. The next step would be to choose the Category in which this product fits into.  If you want to edit the Categories and/or create a new one, just click on products on left of your dashboard, then click on Categories. You can then create a new one or edit an existing one. Once you have your Category, simply click on the category that best suits your product you are adding now. In my case, I would choose health and food, or just maybe eBooks if I had other products other than just eBooks.

4. The next step would be to add your short description. This is down past the product data on the left middle side of the page. See below image.



The short description just gives people a little more information than the title, but don’t put too much.  Example .. A Recipe Book Created For Campers & Fishermen. Remember, the description box on top is the place to add all your content and to fully describe your product. The Short Description is just what is says, SHORT.

5. The next step is to add your product image.  Add your featured product image by clicking on Set Featured Image. See image above. This section is under your Categories on the right. This will be the first image on the product page showing this product and the first image to show ( at times ) for the actual product itself.  If you wish to add more than one product image, click on add product gallery images. This will give your product a gallery, but do NOT add the same image as the featured as your will have two of them showing.

6. The next and final step for adding a simple product is the price and SKU field which is called the product Data field. This is where you add your price to your product. Please do not include the $ sign as the system will do this for you. If you want to show your product on sale, add the regular cost and then the sale price. The sale price will be the price that will be collected and the regular price will show and be crossed out as it looks like it is on sale. Add the SKU which is anything you want it to be. This helps you keep track of your products. For my eBook, I could have something like ebook001 or something similar to this. It is what ever you want to use to if you wish to keep track of your products.

7. Once you have your Title, Description, Category Clicked, Featured Image, Short Description, and Products Price & SKU, press the PUBLISH button on the top right of the page. Then you are all done. Your new product should now be live and ready to sell.

Other Resources and Help – Contact Canada Web Design Services – Click Here

For More advanced product data, like the ability to add colours, sizes, and other attributes, you would need to set your product to Variable and add your attributes first, then link them all together. For advanced variations, click here to read the resource links below..

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Original Article – – Taken 03/16/2015